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Who Are We?

We are established, faith-driven believers in Jesus Christ who are committed to the Word of God without compromise. We recognize that America is under siege by a plethora of False Narratives that are creating toxic divisions. We have spared nothing in developing catalytic and educational events and resources designed for Pastors, Christian University Presidents, Spiritual Leaders, and Influencers. We are AWAKENING THE VOICE OF TRUTH, which is THE WORD OF GOD, the only thing that can diffuse False Narratives and reestablish vital relationships in the Body of Messiah. We implore you to join us in this national initiative to bring Reconciliation, Peace and Restoration to the church, families, and our nation.

Dr. Raleigh Washington speaks on "The Power of One" at the Washington D.C. Mall during the Promise Keepers event in 1997 with 1.4 million in attendance.